New Year… New Rule or New Resolution?

Employee Policy. What is this about? The policy is meant to be broken. Right? Why is that? Let me tell you this.

When you first hire an employee in your company you gave them an inch think papers to sign about what they should do and don’t. There is no such thing as an employee policy. Policies are organizational scars. They have codified overreaction to a situation that is unlikely to happen. They are collective punishment for the misdeeds of an individual.

When one employee uses the company equipment for personal use, what are you gonna do? Write a rule “Don’t use for personal use.” and stick to the wall next to the printer and make a fuss out of it.  Or, when two employees have a disagreement and one of them talks to you and says all the employees in that department are not doing their job. What will happen is all the employees that are not involved in the disagreement suffers. You as an employer instead of focusing on running your business, will write up another rule that must follow again. Wow! that must be tiring to keep revising rules that are already done in the beginning.

We should talk to the person involved to not do it again and or reprimand one employee involve not the whole department. Office rules or policies are similar to “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.” – Confucius… in my opinion. You have created a company and policy from the start, but no one knows how to follow it because people, in general, have different opinions when dealing with things.

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