A business organization that is not so organized.

Have you ever worked in a company that unorganized? Being disorganized can impact so many things. One thing I dislike is a disorganized desk or even a disorganized company you work for. It’s stressing me out. You will not be productive if your desk is cluttered with a lot of business papers. It is unhealthy and you cannot concentrate on delivering what is expected of you on the job.

Being disorganized can lead to loss of productivity and loss of business itself. There are so many reasons why an employee or even a business company is disorganized:

  1. Outdated tools – Some company haven’t updated to the latest organizational tool like cloud-based storage. I am not saying paper trail is bad. It’s just that sometimes can get lost in between heap of papers.
  2. Unclear workflow – Effective managers should lay out accurate guidelines for any project. Otherwise, the manager without a clear overview of the project their employees will have uncleared workflow, and will sometimes repeat their work.
  3. Not completing task on time – The challenge that all the businesses are facing is how to achieve project completion in a timely manner. Some of reason is not enough resources and insufficient delegating workflow. If the manager is not planning ahead of the schedule, the project will sometimes not push through. In that case, it’s a lost of client and this leads to close of business.

Being disorganized can also affect professional growth. Any employee cannot advance in the business industry he/she belong to will not grow if they work to a disorganized work place. This will make them unreliable and undependable.

Disorganized can affect ones health. This can affect your physical and mental health. When you are disorganized it will cause you to feel stress to achieve the deadline and will cause the project you are working one to be incomplete.

In any way, it is better to be organized and well prepared for any task you plan to do in your business.

A disorganized work space means disorganized work habits. A sloppy work environment equals sloppy results. – Larry Winget


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